Business Mandarin Course

--Course Objective:

This course is designed for business and professionals who want to know about the economic situation in China, conduct business with Chinese people, plan to work in China or already work in a Mandarin environment. It will enable the trainee to communicate in the language and develop accuracy and confidence by putting them in a context where they immediately use the language..

  Level 1 – Beginning (30 hours in total)

 Pre-requisites: Complete Level 7 or approximately 150-180 hours of prior study. Knowledge of more than 800 characters


 - Chapter 1: Chinese Pinyin

 - Chapter 2: Would you like some water?

 - Chapter 3: What would you like to eat?

 - Chapter 4: How much is it?

 - Chapter 5: What would you like to buy?

 - Chapter 6: Where is the airport?

 - Chapter 7: I am going to Tian’anmen Square.

 - Chapter 8: Excuse me, how do I get to the supermarket?

 - Chapter 9: Carrefour is next to the Bank of China.

 - Chapter 10: Review

 Cultural Awareness:

 - Chinese food

 - Foreign companies in Beijing.

 Learning Outcomes:

In this level, you will know Chinese pronunciation, daily conversation and common knowledge of Chinese business culture. (The culture part will be taught in English if necessary

  Level 2 – Post beginning (30 hours in total)

 Pre-requisites: Complete Business Mandarin Level 1 or very little previous knowledge required.


 - Chapter 1: Where are you from?

 - Chapter 2: This is my wife.

 - Chapter 3: What is your job?

 - Chapter 4: What day is it today?

 - Chapter 5: What time is it now?

 - Chapter 6: My whole day.

 - Chapter 7: Appointments

 - Chapter 8: Talking to the driver

 - Chapter 9: At a restaurant

 - Chapter 10: Shopping

 - Chapter 11: Review

 Cultural Awareness:

 - Discuss Chinese family

 - Travel in China.

 Learning Outcomes:

In this level, you will know pinyin sounds better, ask time and dates and talk about daily activities, talk about family, introduce yourself and others, arrange outgoing activities. You will reinforce Chinese pronunciation and daily conversation. After 30 hours study, you will be able to survive in China, and also get to know the economic situation in China. We will arrange extra lessons for the students who wish to read and write Chinese characters.