C.TEST (Test of Practical Chinese)

--1. What is C.Test?

C.Test (实用汉语水平认定考试 shíyòng hànyǔ shuǐpíng rèndìng kǎoshì )is developed by Beijing Language and Culture University for non-native speaking Chinese learners. It tests the learners' ability to use Chinese in social and daily life. C.TEST aims to assess the candidates' ability to use Chinese in such topics as business, culture, education, trade or other commonly used topic areas. The HSK is similar to the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), while the C.Test is more like the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC), which focuses more on the ability of using Chinese in everyday business activities.

--2. Why take C.Test?

a. It is more practical: HSK put emphasis on general Chinese language ability. But C.TEST is to focus on the communication ability and language using ability on real life, especially on business and trade

b. Listening plays an important role in the test. Listening is the key to successfully passing the test. Compared to HSK, listening is more important in the test. There are also more written parts in the test

 c. The test needs a lot of skills: C.TEST needs a lot of skills, which range from E-F level (basic) to A-D level (intermediate)

 d. All the tests can be open to the public. It is not like HSK TEST. HSK TEST is secret to the public. You can know the examination questions after the test, which is helpful to learners’ writing and preparation of C.TEST.

--3. What is the Content of C.Test?

There will be two test levels C.Test Basic (E-F level) and C.Test Intermediate-Advanced (A-D level), based on the degree of difficulty.

The basic-level test lasts 115 minutes with 140 questions in listening comprehension, grammar and reading; and the higher-level test takes 150 minutes with 160 questions in listening and a practical application section. Questions will be made public after the exam.

  4. C.Test Examination Date-2012


Written Test--9:00 am, 3rd Jun, 2012 / Oral Test--2:00 pm, 3rd Jun, 2012

Deadline for registration

 14-18th May, 2012

Date of results announced

 Sep. 14-18th May, 2012

  5. Examination fee

Basic [A—D]: RMB 260 - Intermediate-Advanced [E—F]: RMB 200

  Class Time

This program can be taken for 4 or for 8 weeks as a part-time program for 6 hours a week or as a full-time program for 20 hours a week. As a full-time program it can be combined with any other class depending on the student’s learning needs.