Children Mandarin Class (3-9 years old)

The earlier children start learning Chinese, the easier it will be for them to master the language. These classes are designed for children from 3 to 9 years old, helps children learn Chinese while playing games and discussing fun topics. We teach children practical skills (e.g., Chinese speaking skills) that can be most useful for everyday life. Moreover, we offer a variety of interesting topics that make learning Chinese for kids effective and fun!

Our Children Mandarin Chinese Lessons are divided into 3 different levels. In these Chinese classes, children will receive systematic training in four skills.

Children Mandarin Class (3-9 years old)

 - countries and nationalities

 - measure words study 1

 - measure words study 2

 - Chinese cultural studies

 - poetry for children

 - identifying things

 - Chinese characters

 - -animals and pets

Children Mandarin Class (3-9 years old)

 - recognizes and responds to spoken texts in Chinese in familiar contexts

 - identifies and responds to key words, phrases and simple sentences in context in written Chinese

 - uses familiar language to share information

 - uses models to write text to convey personal information and ideas

 - explores relationships between languages

 - identifies ways in which meaning is conveyed by the sounds and symbols of Chinese

 - recognizes the link between culture and a sense of identity

 - identifies connections between culture and language use in Chinese-speaking communities