BCT Test (Business Chinese Test)

--1. What is BCT?

The BCT (商务汉语考试 shāngwù hànyǔ kǎoshì) is an international vocational-based examination developed by The Office of Chinese Language Council International (Hanban) - a division of Ministry of Education, Beijing, China. Researched by the renowned Peking University, the BCT measures the Chinese language proficiency of non-native speakers who require the use of Chinese language in business communications. It tests the ability of using Chinese in the extensive job occasion, daily life and society communication, which are related to business. It is not a test for professional knowledge of commercial affairs. People whose mark reaches the standard can get the corresponding certificate.

--2. Why Take BCT?

 - Help companies to better assess employees’ Chinese language proficiency and deploy them for the right job;

 - Help employees determine their current Chinese language proficiency for application at the workplace;

 - Help training organizations determine students’ Chinese Language proficiency for placement into the appropriate training programme.

--3. What is the Content of BCT?

Candidates are tested in all 4 modalities of the language, i.e. Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. The BCT is structured into 4 tests, namely BCT 1 (Listening and Speaking skills), BCT 2 (Reading skills), BCT 3 (Writing skills) & the Chinese Workplace Numeracy Test (CNT).

BCT has a total of five levels to describe the business Chinese proficiency of the examinees.

 BCT Level 1 Understand the most commonly used terms for business activities in Chinese

 BCT Level 2 Basic Chinese-Language Knowledge of the business day

 BCT Level 3 Communicate with good basic skills in Chinese business life

 BCT Level 4 Skillful ability in business to communicate in Chinese

 BCT Level 5 Easy communication in Chinese, both in business and in social intercourse

  4. BCT Examination Date-2012


Jun. 10th (Sun)--Sep.23rd(Sun).--Nov.11th(Sun)

Deadline for registration

 May. 14th--Aug. 27th--Oct. 15th

Date of results announced

 Jul. 10th--Oct. 23rd--Dec. 11th

  5. Examination fee

 Written Test

listening, reading: RMB120.00 ----speaking, writing: RMB180.00

  Class Time

This program can be taken for 4 or for 8 weeks as a part-time program for 6 hours a week or as a full-time program for 20 hours a week. As a full-time program it can be combined with any other class depending on the student’s learning needs.