Chinese Character Course
This course is designed for students in revolutionary New Way to Learn and memorize 1000 the Most Basic Chinese Characters by means of visualization, imagination, association, and comparison. Students will learn the basic components and features of the Chinese character - the radicals, pronunciations, meanings and inter-relationships. After completing this course, students to be familiar with Chinese characters and the key ways of mastering new characters, and will have consequently improve their reading ability. Students can then choose to enter the General Mandarin Course Level 5 if they wish to study further.
    We offer 3 Sessions (15hours each session) in the Chinese Character Course:Click to Enlarge
Chinese Reading Course
    This course is designed for students who have an intermediate level (or above) of Mandarin Chinese language. The main goals of the course are to improve reading proficiency from a wide variety of media sources including newspaper, magazines and Internet.In this course, you will read up-to-date reports from media sources, which cover a wide variety of subjects, such as China's Economy, exchange rate, International affairs, Real-estate Bubbles in China, sports events etc. You will learn about the latest headlines, hot social topics, popular words, etc.
Brief Schedule
Tue & Thu:
Evenning Class: 7:00pm-9:00pm
Wed & Fri
Daytime Class: 4:00pm-6:00pm
Private Class: $350HKD/ per hour
Group class I: $200HKD per hour/ per person
Group Class II: $150HKD per hour/ per person
  For Cantonese-Speakers

Course Objective

Mandarin for the Cantonese speaker course aims

to develop participants’ competence in understanding

and speaking Mandarin. This course is devised

specifically for students who are Cantonese Speakers...

 --Topics and Learning Outcoms

    --Level 1 to Level 2

    --Level 3 to Level 4

    --Level 5 to Level 6

    --Level 7 to Level 8

    --Level 9 to Level 10