General Mandarin Course

--Course Objective:

To help adult learners who want to make clear and evident progress in all Chinese abilities including speaking, listening, reading and writing , in a short period of time . With systematic training and interesting contents, students can improve their overall Chinese step-by-step. More importantly, the materials help students to recognize characters in conjunction with speaking Mandarin, which is a crucial point for further learning. Upon completion of this course, students should have command of about 1,600 new words and 1,000 Chinese characters, and the ability to communicate freely in your daily life, read essays and newspapers, as well as clearly articulate their views using complex sentences.

  General Mandarin Course Level 1

 Pre-requisites: No prior or very little knowledge required

 Learning Outcomes:

 - Greet people formally and informally.

 - Introduce yourself and others.

 - Talk about family members and marriage status.

 - Use the Mandarin phonetic system and it’s four tones.

 - Have enough vocabulary to ‘survive’ in predictable situations.

 - Produce simple sentences, to formulate and respond to simple questions.

 - Talk about and gather personal information about jobs, nationalities and age.

 - Have a basic knowledge of grammatical structures, including different tenses and word order.

  General Mandarin Course Level 2

 Pre-requisites: No prior or very little knowledge required

 Learning Outcomes:

 - Know pinyin sounds better          - Making suggestions

 - Asking for time and dates          - Describe locations

 - Express the past experience         - Arrange outgoing activities

 - Ask for comment and give comment         - Know more measure words

 - Talk about food and drinks         - Use some basic grammar conventions

 - Use words related to personal experience and everyday topics in familiar and predictable situations.

 - Understand and respond to increasingly complex words and phrases in questions, requests, short conversations, and short instructions in predictable situations.

 - Use your knowledge of various basic cultural conventions to be comfortable with oral communication.

  General Mandarin Course Level 3

 Pre-requisites: Complete Level 1, 2 or approximately 30 to 40 hours of prior study.

 Learning Outcomes:

 - Express ‘do not…’           - Talk about weather and climates

 - Express apology          - Know the first 100 characters

 - Make comparison          - Handle pinyin sounds better

 - Express different ‘can’         - Know more measure words

 - Know how to express the invitation          - Know how to decline an invitation politely

 - Express congratulations for different occasions   - Know how to express continuous tense and future tense

 - Demonstrate control of basic grammar conventions while beginning to use some complex grammar.

 - Understand and respond to sentence - length communication in face-to-face conversations, instructions and short narratives related to familiar topics or tasks.